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2011-03-18 15:33:40 by Clarevoyant

I totally forgot about my Newgrounds account >_>
I do the same for DeviantArt once and a while. I just get too caught up in school then come back, post a bunch, and disappear.


2009-06-08 16:19:24 by Clarevoyant

Some of you might know me from DeviantART; thanks for following me here! And some of you might be brand new people checking out my profile page. Nice to meet you!

In the next week or so, I'll be transferring animations and art over onto Newgrounds so keep a look out!

Now for a little 'bout myself.

I've been animating since my sophomore year of high school (2005-2006), though in terms of projects done, I haven't finished that many. I started with using Flash MX which is pretty old-school by now. When I checked out the new Flash in the commons of my college, I was quite flabergasted at how much Flash has evolved! But besides that, I've also worked with Lightwave and completed a few 3D animations as well.

I'm starting to love Newgrounds waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than DeviantART. What will all of your lovely comments! They are far more helpful than the normal stuff I get from DeviantART (that was cool!, pretty!, etc.)